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Authorize the City of Colton to piggyback on the State of California’s bid award for the purchase of one new 2020 all electric Ford Transit Passenger Van.


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  2. Wondries Electric Ford Trasit Van 2020




The City adopted Resolution R-38-17 to join the Local Government Partnership Program through Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) on October 17, 2017 allocating $67,881 to be matched for the purchase of light and heavy-duty electric fleet vehicles. The City completed the purchase of its Heavy Duty all-electric Phoenix motor in 2019 and received a reimbursement from MSRC in the amount of $35,667. The remaining light duty vehicle is yet to be purchased.




The State of California recently conducted a competitive bid process for the purchase of a new light duty Ford Transit Passenger Van Wagon T-350 and awarded a contract to Wondries Fleet Group on June 27, 2019. The terms of the award allow other public agencies to piggyback onto their bid award.


Colton Municipal Code 3.08.140(c), Exceptions to Competitive Bidding when Competitive Bidding is Already Completed, allows the competitive bidding requirements to be waived when the authorized contracting party determines that a competitive bid procedure has been conducted by another public     agency (e.g. through CMAS or GSA) and the price to the City is equal or better than the price to that public agency.


Since this contract was competitively bid and awarded by another public agency, and since the price is equal to or better than the price offered to the public, the competitive bidding requirements of Colton Municipal Code have been met.


Staff is recommending that the City Council authorize the piggyback purchase of one new light duty Ford Transit Passenger Van Wagon T-350 from the State of California bid award. This vehicle will be created by Lightning Systems. Lighting Systems creates the Lightening Electric Vehicle (LEV) power train and works with OEMs and upfitters to have the powertrain installed on OEM chassis turning that vehicle into an all-electric van. The LEV power train consists of an electric motor, transmission, power electronics, integrated control system, charging system, and batteries.




Sufficient funds are available in the Capital Automobile Equipment expense account, 526-8000-8039-4910-0101-000 for the purchase of the 2020 Ford Transit Passenger Van Wagon T-350. Once the vehicle is acquired, staff will submit for reimbursement of $32,214 from MSRC making the final cost of the all-electric van $28,286.40.




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