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Approve Policy Pertaining to Part-Time Staffing for City Special Events.


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  2. Policy - Special Event Pay 11.5.2019




The Community Services Department has special events throughout the year which fall on City observed holidays (i.e., Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving etc…), requiring the assignment of part-time staff to ensure the success of each event.  The City does not have a formal process on compensating part-time employees for actual hours worked on a City observed holiday.  




Part-time staffing is a very important component to the success of the special events that are put forth for the community’s pleasure and enjoyment. These part time employees are provided an opportunity to sign up in advance to assist in the events.  This provides the Department the ability to plan accordingly and ensure that the events are fully staffed and all in attendance experience a pleasant and memorable event.  


The intent of having this policy in place is to provide the Department and City Manager the ability to manage special events and compensate part-time staff accordingly  The policy outlines the process of signing up to work an event and the recommendation as to the method of compensation for the hours worked.  Staff’s recommendation for compensating the part time staff who work a special event is to provide each with two (2) Floating Holiday Hours to be paid at their base pay rate.  The hours will be banked for their use, and the hours must be used by the end of the fiscal year. Floating Holiday hours that are not used by the end of each fiscal year will be cashed out in the first pay period following June 30.


This policy does not affect any bargaining group. 




Funds for part time Community Service staff are approved in the FY 19-2019 budget in the Part-Time Employee Salaries Account Number 100-6200-6202-1040.




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