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Adopt Resolution R-117-18 approving Amendment No. 01 for California Department of Education Contract CSPP-8422 for the provision of a Part- Day Preschool Program in the Early Childhood Education Division of the Community Services Department for Fiscal Year 2018-19 and amending the budget for the current fiscal year to account for increased funding. RESOLUTION NO. R-117-18


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The City of Colton’s Preschool Program is funded by a contract from CDE.  The current CDE Contract CSPP-8422 was approved by the City Council on June 19, 2018.  CDE has initiated Amendment 01 to the existing contract for the current fiscal year, which increases the funding available to reimburse the City for preschool services provided for low-income families.  The Amendment 01 will make an additional $28,044 of funding available.  Amendment 01 was not designed to increase the amount of children served, but rather increase the rate per child, per day.  Currently, the Preschool Program provides services to 120 children.


This contract is ongoing, but must be renewed each fiscal year or when amendments are necessary.   As Executive Director of the program, the City Manager is the designated authority to sign the State contract.




For fiscal year 2018-19, the Preschool childcare grant will make services available for low-income families that must have a documented need, and may not otherwise be able to afford services.  Amendment 01 increases the total amount of the contract from $558,592 to $586,636.


CDE requires a designated authority to sign on behalf of the City for all childcare contracts, and as Executive Director of the program, the City Manager is currently the designated authority to sign the CDE contract.




There is no general fund impact as a result of the receipt of this contract amendment.  This program utilizes the childcare fund 206, revenue account 206-5776, and expenditure account group 206-7200-7203.


In order to account for this increased funding, the following accounts will be adjusted:

Revenue account

206-5776-000                             State Preschool – CSPP,              shall be increased by              $28,044


Expenditure accounts

206-7200-7203-1040              Salaries – Part Time,                            shall be increased by               $15,044

206-7200-7203-2250               Building Maintenance,               shall be increased by              $2,000

206-7200-7203-2250               Travel & Meetings,                             shall be increased by              $1,000

206-7200-7203-2301               Operating Supplies/Equip,               shall be increased by              $3,000

206-7200-7203-2304               Instructional Supplies,               shall be increased by              $4,000

206-7200-7203-2305               Nutritional Supplies,                            shall be increased by               $3,000.





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