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Authorize Purchase of Replacement Patrol Vehicle


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The primary duty of the Colton Police Department Patrol Division is to serve the community by protecting life and property; by preventing crime; by enforcing laws; and by maintaining order for all citizens. To accomplish this duty, it is important to have an adequate inventory of marked patrol vehicles to accomplish field operations and routine patrol. A decrease in available patrol vehicles can reduce deployment options and cause excess wear and tear to the remaining fleet.




On April 14, 2018 a marked City of Colton patrol vehicle (2017 Ford Explorer/VIN #1FM5K8AR3HGA36601) was involved in a traffic collision with another vehicle.  The other party was found at fault and the police vehicle was significantly damaged.  The City of Colton forwarded a claim (19-00228588) to Hanover Insurance for monetary recovery. 


On July 4, 2018, Hanover Insurance completed its appraisal and determined that the police vehicle was a total loss.  After acceptance, Hanover Insurance mailed the City of Colton a check for the loss of the patrol vehicle in the amount of $42,134.48. 


To maintain fleet size and patrol operations, the Colton Police Department is requesting to purchase a replacement marked patrol vehicle.  The department will use existing funds that are currently budgeted in our Automotive Expenditure Account (#100-6070-6071-4910).


Section 3.08.140(C) of the City’s Purchasing Ordinance allows the City to enter into agreements with other agencies for the purchase of supplies, services, and equipment. The City can determine that a competitive bid procedure has been conducted by another public agency (e.g. through CMAS or GSA) and the price to the City is equal to or better than the price to that public agency.


The City’s Municipal Ordinance allows the City Manager to enter into agreements with other agencies for the purchase of supplies, services, and equipment. In such instances, the procedures of that agency shall satisfy all City requirements for the bid and award of those purchases. 


The Los Angeles County Sheriff has an active “Request for Bid” award (RFB-IS-17201839-1) in place.  The Colton Police Department can avail (piggyback) themselves of this agreement by using Los Angeles County PO# 17369005-1. Wondries Fleet Group is a participant which allows our department to purchase vehicles from this business under contract pricing.  This will save the City of Colton the cost of the bid process, formal or informal, and allow us to take advantage of current pricing, as well as a volume discount afforded through the County of Los Angeles proposal agreement.  The current quote for a 2018 Dodge Charger through Wondries Fleet Group is $26,987.19


Staff believes that it is in the best interest of the City to dispense with public bidding and use West Coast Lights and Siren for police vehicle equipment and installation as stated under City of Colton Purchasing Ordinance section 3.08.140(E).  We have used West Coast Lights and Sirens for vehicle equipment installation and repair for the past nine years.  During past bidding reviews, West Coast was consistently found to have superior quality and workmanship with prices lower or competitive with other local up fitters.  At the current time, only one other up fitter is located within a 10-mile radius of Colton.  Staff recommends award of the purchase and installation to West Coast Lights & Siren, Inc. in the total amount of $12,211.00. 


Purchase one Getac V110 Docking Station and hardware for an onboard mobile data computer (MDC) from approved City of Colton vendor, CDCE Inc., in the amount of $790.42.  Purchase of police graphics from Creartive Media & Design in the amount of $351.00.  Creartive Media & Design is the lowest of three quotes obtained by staff.




Funding for this purchase in the amount of $40,339.61 is currently budgeted and available in the adopted FY2018-19 Budget in General Fund Police Administration Automobile Expenditure Account #100-6070-6071-4910.




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