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Approve the purchase of Ultra High Frequency Licensed Ethernet/ Internet Protocol Transceivers Radios from Access Technologies, Inc., in an amount not-to-exceed $61,301.25 for replacement of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) radios for Water and Waste water Division.


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SCADA refers to a system that collects data from various sensors at remote locations and then sends the data to a central computer, which then uses the data to manage the system.  The City of Colton’s Water Division SCADA System controls and manages reservoir levels, operational status, water quality flows, water system pressures, and alarm conditions; and for the Wastewater Division the SCADA System monitors and controls the operating equipment, lift stations and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.




With recent advances in technology, the equipment installed at each of the City’s pump stations and monitoring sites is obsolete and scheduled for replacement. Currently City facilities are experiencing communication failures more frequently than before which is due to the age of the radios. The SCADA radios are ten (10) years old and no longer being manufactured. Replacement of the SCADA radios will improve the efficiency of the utilities in the areas of production, maintenance and management.      


Colton Municipal Code, Section 3.08.140(b), Exceptions to Competitive Bidding for Non-Public Projects, allows the City Council to waive the competitive bidding requirement for purchases over $25,000 when no competitive market exists. Since Access Technologies is the only authorized FSP (Full Service Provider) for GEMDS, a business within GE Digital Energy, for the Utilities market of the Orbit Licensed Narrowband Bi-Directional Adaptive Modulation Transceivers Radios System, there is no competitive market for this equipment, and there is no competitive advantage to be gained by the public bidding process. The Water and Wastewater Division would like City Council to make the determination that no competitive market exists for Orbit Licensed Narrowband Bi-Directional Adaptive Modulation Transceivers Radios System and thus approve the purchase from Access Technologies, Inc.




This capital improvement project has already been budgeted in fiscal year 2018-2019. Funds are available in the following accounts.

Water Fund Radio Equipment Account No. 521-8100-8101-4920 for $30,650.63

Wastewater Fund Radio Equipment Account No. 522-8200-8200-4920 for $30,650.62




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