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Recommended to Award the Bid for the Purchase of the Various Size Medium Voltage Pad Mounted Switchgear to Wesco Distribution in the amount of $65,316.37.


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  2. Switchgear Bid Analysis 10-23-18



The City purchases various sizes of medium voltage pad mounted switchgear into the Electric Stores Inventory for use by the Electric Utility on an “as required” basis. The switchgear is used within the electric system to provide isolation and fuse protection. It also allows for switching” electricity from one circuit to another. When inventory levels reach predetermined review points, or when special projects arise, switchgear is reordered based on projected usage as determined by the City’s Electric Utility Systems Designer. Staff regularly reviews the previously established minimum and maximum quantities to ensure efficiency and reliability in the electric system.


On October 9, 2018, staff issued a Notice Inviting Bids for Various Medium Voltage Pad Mounted Switchgear for the Electric Utility, NIB-RG-18009. The Notice Inviting Bids and related documents were distributed through BidNet, the City’s online bid system and 12 registered vendors received notification.  The Notice Inviting Bids was also posted at City Hall.


A public bid opening was held at 10:00 a.m., on October 23, 2018, at the Electric Department Administrative Offices, and three bids were received and evaluated.  A Bid Analysis showing each bidders prices and delivery is attached.  Wesco Distribution is the low bidder. The recommended bidders price is underlined.



Switchgear is purchased into Electric Stores Inventory account number 520-1500-154 and is charged to the appropriate budget account when put into service. The Electric Department includes money in its fiscal year’s budget for the purchase of switchgear.



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