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Recommended to Award the Bid for the Purchase of LED Streetlight Fixtures and Photo Cells, Items #1 through #3 to Anixter, Inc. in the amount of $141,463.90, and item #4 Wesco Distribution in the amount of $13,721.96.


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In 2009, the Colton Electric Department (CED) used funding from an Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) from the US Department of Energy for the purchase of LED streetlight fixtures to retrofit existing streetlights in the City’s Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Districts (LLMD’s).  CED have continued to evaluate various manufacturers of the LED fixtures and has determined the fixtures manufactured by CREE and General Electric (GE) to be the most efficient for Colton.

This retrofit project has been successful, and the CED established a five-year Capital Improvement Program in Fiscal Year 2013/14, to retrofit existing streetlights with LED fixtures. The target areas for the current year are North Rancho and Pennsylvania Avenues, and Colton Avenue, Mill and Pepper. While this is a retrofit program, the LED fixtures are also being utilized for new installations when available.


Staff issued a Notice Inviting Bids, NIB-RG-18008 for the purchase of 900 LED Cobra Head Streetlight Fixtures and Photo Controls on October 9, 2018. The Notice Inviting Bids and related documents were distributed through BidNet, the City’s online bid system. BidNet notified 10 registered vendors of the bid opportunity. The Notice Inviting Bids was also posted at City Hall.


A public bid opening was held on October 23 2018, at 9:30 AM at the Electric Department Administration Offices. Three bids were received and evaluated for conformance to the specification and by price. The City’s specification identified three part numbers from three different manufacturers acceptable to the CED.


The lowest bid for the LED fixtures was submitted by Anixter, Inc. These fixtures are manufactured by CREE, however, the proposal did not identify which part number was included in the bid submittal. CED staff asked for verification from the bidder as to the part number and was verbally told that the manufacturer had submitted pricing for a part number that was not listed in the bid specification. For this reason, staff has determined the bid submitted by Anixter, Inc. for items one through three to be non-responsive as the part number bid does not meet the specification.


One Source Distributors is the lowest responsive and responsible bid for Item 2, for a total amount of $60,447.75, and Wesco Distribution is the lowest responsive and responsible bid for Items 1, 3, and 4, for a total amount of $108,466.54.


A Bid Analysis is attached showing the bidders, the manufacturers, and the unit prices quoted by each bidder, along with delivery lead times. 



Sufficient funds for the purchase of the LED streetlight fixtures and photo controls have been approved in the Fiscal Year 18/19 budget, and are available in Account Number 520-8000-8011-3890-0107-000, Capital Improvement-Street Lighting.




1. The City Council can provide alternative direction to staff.